Metalform Structures - Purlins, Girts, Esy-Lok

Download/Order Design Manual

Download/Order Design Manual

Metalform Design ManualThis publication has been prepared with a view of providing designers, specifiers, fabricators, builders and erectors the relevant data to enable easy selection, specification and detailing of a roof or wall system using the Max-Span™ purlin range.The information contained herein includes:

  • Product features, applications and benefits
  • Product ordering
  • Product handling
  • Product detailing, installation and assembly
  • Familiar format of capacity tables, however a greater range of configurations
  • More detailed information on design, construction and installation issues including profile orientation, bridging
  • Product dimensional data and section properties
  • Max-Span™ Zed and Max-Span™ Cee purlin profiles for 150mm, 200mm and 250mm. These purlin products are available with a wide range of accessories and a bridging system for the full range of purlin profiles.

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