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All New Max-Span™ Purlin System

The All New Max-Span™ Purlin System

We now take great pleasure in releasing the next generation of Purlin - the Metalform Max-Span™ range.

The Max-Span™ purlin range have been independently designed by The University of Sydney for maximum efficiency and will assist the Commercial Construction market in producing cost effective structures that don't compromise on strength or safety. Utilising patented web-stiffening technology the Max-Span™ purlin profile geometry is balanced for ultimate strength and serviceability according to AS/NZS 4600:2006.

Research and Testing of the Max-Span™ purlins system in our NATA registered laboratory has shown that purlin volumes can be reduced by up to 20% in larger structures, dramatically reducing the cost of construction.

Metalform are committed to driving innovation and efficiency and offer Engineering Representation and design software to assist in producing the best outcome, please contact Metalform to request further information on any design related matter.