Metalform Structures - Purlins, Girts, Esy-Lok

Our Products

Max-Span™ Zed Purlin

The most advanced Zed purlin on the market. Designed and balanced for large spans and larger savings.

Max-Span™ Cee Purlin

The most advanced Cee purlin on the market. Perfect for single spans and floor joist applications.

Max-Span™ Fascia Purlin

Designed with an adjustable top flange for variable roof pitches.

Traditional Zed & Cee Purlin

The traditional Zed profile accurately roll formed from BlueScope's trusted GALVASPAN steel.

Esy-Lok™ Bridging

The Esy-Lok™ bridging system is the fastest and Easiest system to use on the market.

General Purpose Brackets & Accessories

A variety of general purpose brackets are available for trimming around wall and roof penetrations.