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Sydenham Tank Refurbishment

Project Details - Sydenham Tank Refurbishment

The Water Resources Alliance - a partnership between Baulderstone, SKM, UGL, Beca, MWH and Melbourne Water - recently refurbished Melbourne Water's Sydenham Water Supply Tank. The works improved the local water supply network by saving water and ensuring continued supply of high quality drinking water to people in Taylors Lakes, Sydenham, Keilor Downs and St. Albans.

The works replaced or repaired corroded parts of the tank which was originally built in 1978. The floor and roof were replaced and a protective coating was applied inside and outside the tank. For improved life span and reduced maintenance, Stainless Steel Purlins were adopted as part of the new light weight roof and associated support structure.

Barden-Steeldeck Industries and Monks Harper were awarded the contract to demolish the old roof structure and design and construct a new roof structure with at least an 80 year design life. Working in consultation with Metalform Structures and structural engineers WebbConsult, the corrosion resistant option of Stainless Steel Purlins incorporated into the light weight roof provided the client with a relatively maintenance free asset with improved service life.

Stainless steel is sometimes considered to be an expensive material. However, experience has shown that using a corrosion resistant material in order to avoid future maintenance, downtime and replacement costs can produce economic benefits which far outweigh higher initial material costs; this cost is known as Life Cycle Costing (LCC). LCC quantifies all the costs - initial and ongoing - associated with a project or installation. Have you considered the LCC of your next project?

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